Our Story

Our story started with a small goal: Design and make a bike light for a safe and happy night riding while being friendly to others.

Why? It was simply because we, as riders ourselves, couldn't find a light that meets our requirements dating back to 2013. It is never easy to create something new. The project took us almost 2 years, but we made it. It was the only bike light on the market with high and low beams, a deign simulation to a car's headlight and with LED runtime display at that time.

It was a successful start. And with the expertise of our research and developing team, and most importantly, tested by the passionate riders, we keep rolling out new lights since then to meet the various needs of different riders, from daily commuting to road cycling, bikepacking and 24 hours racing.

Thanks to the innovative design and high quality control standard, we have received many positive feedbacks from riders and earned awards and accolades from the world's most trusted cycling media and editors. But we know that great honor comes with great responsibility and we will keep pushing ourselves to be worthy of them.

RAVEMEN PR bicycle front light, first bike headlight with high beam and low beam, a sumulation to automotive headlight's design


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