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With the XR6000 headlight, the night will never be a reason to stop you from enjoying the ride. Giving out 6000 lumens at the highest output, it will light up any trails and let you see clearly and safely no matter how dark the trail is. The durable design ensures it is made for the most challenging roads. With the wireless switch and multiple brightness levels, the light is super easy to control and versatile for various conditions.



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High/low beams optical design with 9 high-efficiency white LEDs

Engineered optical lens to realize an ideal balance between close-range floodlight and spotlight, giving you better peripheral vision and helping you see further

Max 6000 lumens output in HiLo beam mode

With just one click, the headlight can emit 6000 lumens of light, illuminating any trails in front of you

Wireless remote switch

Turn on/off the light and change brightness levels safely without releasing the grip; single click to activate max output for signaling or emergency lighting

High-capacity battery pack with 18W fast charging

Built-in 4*21700(3.6V/4000mAh) batteries to support your long adventure or racing; With 18W fast charging, it will take only 4.5 hours to have a full charge 

Easy-to-read OLED display

Display the remaining power of the battery pack in a straightforward way

Back-up power bank with 18W fast discharging  

To charge your phone or other digital devices easily when in need (DO NOT use this function when raining)

Waterproof headlight and water-resistance battery pack

Sealed against water design to let you ride confidently when in heavy rain weather or on muddy roads

The whole aluminum body with aero-dynamics vertical heatsinks

Dissipate heat much more effectively and maintain optimal output for longer periods; Also with built-in thermal control protection circuit

Solid hard-anodized aluminum handlebar mount

Secure your light safely and have no fear of ups and downs when riding on the trail. Compatible with 31.8mm and 35mm handlebars in diameter
(Check and tighten the screws of the mount before each ride)

Specially customized connector and robust high-quality copper cable

Ensure a reliable and stable connection for your light and minimize the energy loss to improve the performance and longevity of the device ultimately

Product Features

1. Anti-glare lens with T-shaped beam, providing close-range flood light and long-distance spotlight for road biking, no dazzle to other road users
2. HiLo Beam System, a design simulating to automotive headlight with far-reaching high beam and low beam for night mountain biking
3. Wireless remote switch with instant max output and brightness adjustment buttons to control the light easily
4. OLED screen to display the remaining power of the battery pack straightforwardly
5. USB-C port with fast charging and discharging (18W) for your portable digital devices
6. Durable aluminum body for better heat dissipation
7. Intelligent thermal management circuit to prevent overheat of LEDs

Tech Specifications

LED: 9*high-efficiency white LEDs
Battery: 8000mAh/7.2V rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
Weight: 240g(Headlight)/385g(battery pack)
Materials: The headlight and the handlebar mount are made by aluminum with Mil Type III Hard Coat Anodizing; the battery pack is made by durable plastic
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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