FR300 is a highly visible daytime running headlight to help you ride safely. It gives out 300 lumens in the warning flashing mode and works with Garmin/Wahoo computer mounts to keep your handlebar clean. It can also be a power bank to charge your bike computer when in need. With the auto on-off mode, you can use the light conveniently. Make sure you are visible and ride safely with RAVEMEN FR300.



Brighter daytime visible warning flashing mode

With the 300 lumens eye-catching warning flashing mode, FR300 will keep you visible at daytime riding; 3 constant modes and 3 flashing modes for various ridings.

Wide-angle lens with side visibility

Increase your side visibility when riding through the crossroad.

Standard Garmin quarter-turn mount

The light can be mounted between the Garmin bike mount and computers; You can also fix the light at the bottom of Garmin Flush out-front mount. (Check AGM02 adapter for other mounts or Bryton computers if compatible.)

Adapters for Wahoo computers included

For Wahoo computers, replace the top and bottom Garmin adapters with the Wahoo one. (Note: FR300 DOES NOT work with the original Wahoo Element Bolt aero out-front mount.)

USB-C charging and discharging port

Charge the light easily or use it as a backup power bank to charge your bike computer(USB-C cable and USB-C to micro USB cable included). 
Warnings: 1. DO NOT charge your mobile phone or other devices with the light, otherwise it might damage the light and void the warranty; 2. DO NOT charge or discharge the light when raining.

Auto on-off mode

Hands-free operation and no worry about forgetting to turn off the light.

Tether included for extra security

Use the tether to secure the light or computer for gravel or unpaved road riding.

IPX 6 water-resistance design

The light is usable when riding in the rain.
(Make sure the cap of the charging port is securely mounted after charging)

Product Features

1. Highly efficient COB LEDs with max 300 lumens
2. Eye-catching warning flash for daytime riding and multiple brightness levels for various ridings
3. Auto on-off mode for hands-free operation
4. Work with Garmin/Wahoo computers and Garmin/Wahoo mounts(excluding Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT original aero out front mount)
5. USB-C charging port to charge the light easily
6. USB-C discharging (only for charging bike computers)
7. IPX6 water-resistance for riding in heavy rain
8. Mode memory function to remember the last used mode

Tech Specifications

Battery: 1200mAh/3.7V rechargeable Li-polymer battery
Dimensions (Headlight): 82mm (L)*60mm (W)*25.5mm (H)
Weight (Headlight): 75g
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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