2019-04-11 16:23:56

PR1200 Bike Light is featured in one of Bikeradar 2019 best bike lights for road cycling!

Here is what the editor said about the PR1200:
"1.The light has a decent multi-mode power;
2.Good battery power communication;
3.Features a remote and USB recharging for other devices;
Ravemen’s twin LED light has a wealth of versatility and can be run in road trim, where it toggles between the spot (high beam) and flood (dipped beam) in four lower power settings, plus a flash mode or mountain bike mode, which uses both LEDs together to give off maximum light.
Add a plug-in remote for hands-on-bar switching and you’re covered. Light output is broad and the basic OLED screen on the back gives accurate runtime information that’s invaluable for nursing the sub-2-hour battery life.
A reasonable lens spread helps you ‘be seen’ and its USB port is useful for charging other devices."

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