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Anti-glare low beam

Broad flood light with anti-glare low beam for commuting, no dazzle and glare for oncoming riders and pedestrians

RAVEMEN CR bike lights, DuaLens Optical Design
RAVEMEN bike lights, DuaLens Optical Design
RAVEMEN PR bike lights, HiLo Beam System

HiLo beam system

A simulation of automotive headlight's design with far reaching high beam and anti-glare low beam

Angi-glare T beam

Anti-glare T beam

The second generation of RAVEMEN anti-glare lens with a T-shaped beam with close-range flood light and long-distance spotlight

RAVEMEN CR1000 bike lights

Our Story

It all started with complaints from other road users while we were riding.

Modern LED bike lights are getting brighter. However, most of the bike lights on the market are designed like flashlights without anti-glare function. While we were using such lights, other road users complained that they were so dazzling and annoying.

So we tried to search the bike lights with no dazzle and realized that we were not the only one. Many riders are also seeking for a bright bike light while it works friendly to others.

Then we found the German Stvzo bike lights and tried some of them. These lights provide a perfect cut-off line design. However, most of the lights are not bright enough and the beam pattern is limited to a small area. The brighter ones are so bulky.

In a word, no lights meet our demands, especially for cycling enthusiasts. So why not create the ideal bike lights by ourself?

After almost two years verification and test, the first bike light with a simulation to automotive headlights' design was released and received full recognition from various media!

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